Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndham

This book was one of the biggest letdowns I've had in some time. The biggest reason is that I wanted to read it for many years, and now that I have, it all seems so pointless. This review is so harsh because it has my great disappointment mingled in every sentence.

I once read an excerpt on my Kindle of the first few pages, and the main reason I wanted to read the book was the style in which the author wrote, which was very hip, but apparently that was the only good part of the story. Once they try to sneak into town, and pass out everything goes downhill after that.

The part of the book that is so repulsive is the never ending, long winded, strongly nauseous conversations these people have. I now really know what the term "beat something to death" means, since the author beat to death almost every word spoken.

The only thing worse than this book was the made for TV movie with Christopher Reeves called Village of the Damned. That was just embarrassing for the actors involved, and the book is just embarrassing for me since I kept reading it.