Monday, June 1, 2015

Walking in the Rain: Surviving the Fall by William Allen

Another "end of the world as we know it" book told from the perspective of a 16-year old who should have his own survival and wilderness show.
In fact, his vast knowledge of survival during the breakdown of the US, creates a belief in numerous people that he's much older than his years. Plus, his expertise concerning weapons is impressive--his dad's a marine who taught his little Padawan abundantly.
We meet him the moment he rescues a young girl from rape, for in this world the majority of men are rapist, murderers and cannibals, not necessarily in that order.
He decides to let her travel with him to his home, which he's diligently trying to reach.  Hopefully, he will make it back to his parents--there's nothing comparable to a little world-wide catastrophe to bring out the desire of seeing one's mommy.
Luke's that guy that anyone would aspire to have nearby while enduring the breakdown of society, but what are the odds that he would ever exist or be that perfect companion after the downfall. I would undoubtedly meet a computer nerd that never leaves his house, and doesn't know the first thing concerning survival. Murdered and served up as dinner for "Some Fine Young Cannibals" would be an appointment in our day planner
The biggest problem I have with the book is the lack of an ending--it just stops in the middle of nothing. Books should always leave us with absolute wonderment about what happens to our characters, or as in this case a hook to create a desire for the second book, and never to fizzle out into nothingness.
Even though there wasn't a hook, I want to learn what happens-- I will be reading the second book soon.