Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Even in Death by Jason D. Morrow

☆☆☆☆This review contains spoilers☆☆☆☆
Even In Death is the final book of the Starborn Saga  trilogy, and I have finally accomplished the feat of reading all three books. This was not always a painless task, and though I liked the books, at times they were tedious, and the complaint my mind produced over and over again-- how drawn out the story grew, especially in the third book.

Are all current books treated with more words than necessary to preoccupy the pages with meaningless filler of thoughts and platitudes? This only brings bouts of boredom (begging it to end) and forced reading, which doesn't speak well for the book.

The author gave an interesting idea of knowing who created the zombies, how he's still alive and evil, years later and controls the known world, and the fact mutants with superpowers live, who must battle zombies while laboring to find a way to kill the Screven leader for the betterment of mankind.

There's considerable excitement and compelling situations, and the book is not always boring. Numerous moments are stuffed with strongly written story telling, plus there's zombies, which is always a plus.
The conclusion of the story pleased me greatly as I'm a sucker for a happy ending.

There's  another trilogy to the story, and that's called The Starborn Ascension, which I'm having a debate with myself whether I will read it or not.
Though the beginning of the end is revealed in Starborn Saga, Starborn Ascension delves  intensely into the story and Evelyn (a key Starborn) is featured in the early telling.
Hopefully, one day I will derive the bravery need to start again.