Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Aftermath by Owen Baillie

I'm always interested in reading zombie books that happen in different countries besides my own--Apocalypse Z and now Aftermath contribute to that category.  Though, we're all human, and would react the same way (run, hide, fight and scream loudly) when a zombie wanted to eat our brains for a tasty snack, there're little nuances that show a difference (from cursing to weapons).

This zombie tale takes place in Australia, though by the time our group of lovelorn characters appear in the picture the apocalypse has finished it's foul work, and the majority of humans are now walkers.
Our group of five have camped out in a remote area for a month, and they're ready to face civilization again--the world they left behind. The story tells the way they find out what happened, and the means they adopt to survive.

One major problem discloses the love stories, akin to high school romance, continuing throughout. Greg loves Kristy who loves Dylan. Callan loves Sherry, who doesn't love him anymore and just had an affair with his best friend. Yadda! Yadda! Yadda!
Can romance have a place in zombie books? My answer would require me to say yes--there's copious amounts of zombie tales, presenting romance--creative authors deftly weave a love story into a zombie book without doses of romantic pain for the reader.

In the event of a zombie apocalypse(with all the running and screaming and killing), would romance have a place in anyone's mind after an arduous day of surviving, accompanied by tormented fears of the dead (and undead) appearing during the night? Perchance, a captured moment, perceiving another's love--would potentially help survivors maintain their sanity.

One component of the story features various breeds of zombies--the genius type(genius for a zombie) proved incredibly fearsome. They conceive and reason, understanding how to create plans for their desired results(brains), including the use of  weapons, resources and tactics.
If I ever come into contact with a zombie, my fingers are crossed they're the slow shuffling genre, and not an agile walker that accelerates it's speed when a brain becomes available, or the intelligent strain featured in this story.

Though the book has distinct flaws--I would recommend it to all zombie lovers.