Tuesday, March 29, 2016

“I love to smell flowers in the dark,” she said. “You get hold of their soul then.”


All of Montgomery's books emerge on Prince Edward Island, which furnishes the backdrop of Montgomery's fifth book in her "Anne of Green Gable" series. The author has a way with words and her characters present a calming and unique presence which creates a longing to experience their companionship while walking along the shore or spending the afternoon sharing words from the heart, yet the expressions disappearing from our thoughts the next day.
Besides the character in Anne's story, what percentage of the population on our beloved earth have smelled flowers in the dark, or even thought of this as an activity to claim as their own?

When humans find the time to lean forward and breathe in the fragrance of flowers, typically the brilliance of day or artificial light pervade the atmosphere. The radiance has pushed the darkness back to the shadowy corners in which the blackness abides until it rules the night once more. 
The night grows deeper as the minutes fly by, growing larger as the lights are extinguished in stores and homes--then according to the quote, this is the ultimate time to smell their sweet perfume in the shadows.
In the absence of illumination, one's concentration is pronounced on items within arms length--imagined monsters that might harm us, or procuring components needed to light our lives anew. The dark providing heightened senses would establish the optimum point of discovery to detect with certainty if flowers truly possess souls.

The light may have more of an advantage in perceiving the soul of flowers as we can view their beauty while also enjoying their essence. Maybe a little of their souls may leak out through the light as well as the darkness.
I’ve often thought that beautiful and unique plants have a life that measures beyond our scope of understanding. The feelings of love and happiness permeate our beings in the presence of such splendor, and with our feelings pushing forward, perchance the plant perceives a measure of the human soul simultaneously.

If fortune smiled on me in the form of a legacy, or the one in a billion chance to win the lottery, then my life should know a suitcase as a new closet. Paris, Rome and Crete would definitely appear on my list of destinations, though Prince Edward Island would emerge as a  top contender to visit first.

Circumstances may prevent me from visiting the island, so I will continue to do so through reading, and the next time a kind person sends flowers to my home, the lights will vanish and hopefully, their brief secrets revealed.