Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Awoken by Sara Noffke

Roya is the chosen one, and must fight the evil dream hater named Zhuang. They are going to battle in the many layers of dreams, which is Inception meets David and Goliath.
I love young adult books, most of the time--Maze Runner, Hunger Games, The Giver, but I'm beginning to believe that some of these books should stay in the realm of young adult readers.
I read this book concurrently with Shatter Me, and it was difficult to keep reading when I was so bored and annoyed with both stories.
It's not the idea of the story, because that is what drew me to the book in the first place, it's the boring drama that continues throughout. This was the type of drama I would have loved at 16, but now I'm older it makes for monotonous reading.
The only difference between Awoken and Shatter Me is that the latter redeemed itself a little at the end.
I'm actually glad so many people like this book and there are many great reviews on Goodreads, since I don't like to write anything wrong, and then my review is the only one existing. Awkward! I'm positive I won't read Stunned, which is the second in the series.