Monday, May 18, 2015

The Demented: Contagion (The Demented: Z Book 3) by Derek J. Thomas

This review has a spoiler, please refrain from reading unless there's a desire to learn what happens.
In the first two books, Tom's trying to save his wife and son only to have them killed in the third book. What's the point of spending hours reading the first two books related to them--just to throw his family away consistent with discarding decaying trash? 
I must confess after she dies I sped through the rest of the book telling myself the reasoning behind my motive-- I could move on to bigger and better zombie stories.
I didn't feel too guilty since the book moves at a rapid speed, I found certain parts difficult to grasp, the pace moving so quickly. Parts which had the capability to retain my interest were glossed over abruptly, and the ending told three years of the story in a mere paragraph.
I still assigned this book four stars for the reason Tom consistently shows he's a man of integrity and the story has  a  multitudinous amount of zombies.