Saturday, May 16, 2015

Departure by A. G. Riddle

I knew by reading the synopsis of the book that the essential characters are involved in a plane crash, which forces the passengers into a different time period or world than the one they left. At this point, the book takes a plunge into a surprising turn of events.

After the disaster, Nick organizes a rescue to save people from the sector of the plane that landed in the water. He's forces survivors to remain calm and help each other stay safe. They wait for the rescue that never comes and place calls on phones that reach out to emptiness.

Soon, five of the survivors endure a future they're not prepared for, and while a few meet their ghosts-- others meet their older selves. Only a handful of people lingers on earth, and Nick and all the survivors learn that they helped create a plague that forced people to age and die in mere hours.

Can they emerge back to their time, and once there, will they remember enough of what happened to fix their mistakes before they occur in real time?

Time travel always creates a perplexing puzzle that boggles my mind to an extraordinary degree. Several dimensions may be created by a person's merely existing in the wrong moment, which can influence the life of the world.

I genuinely liked this book and hope to read new books from the author.