Friday, May 22, 2015

Empty Bodies by Zach Bohannon

Oh, those pesky zombies, by now I'm sure we are all aware that it would be difficult to kill something that is already dead--though the star characters in this book live to tell the tales of zombie mayhem.
Considerable zombie books have their protagonist living through remarkable, deadly discombobulations that would kill off mere mortals.

In Empty Bodies, three people escape from a hotel full of the dead, and it happens that a man and a boy, which were the only two characters previously introduced on a plane, are the only two to survive a plane crash. A man and a girl are thrust into a warehouse full of zombies, sent by a madman full of delusions of grandeur, and they miraculously survive.

I'm sure these defying feats could happen, but what about the everyday person (which might be a large portion of the population--myself included) who runs blindly in panic and confusion straight into the arms of a loving zombie that just wants to eat their brains. No one wants to write about these losers since the reader would feel a large dose of disdain for them, and the story would be short indeed.

That being said, Empty Bodies is a mixture of sadness and heroic adventures. The book starts with several different characters in different areas--at a hotel, at a warehouse job and on a plane, and one of the characters--a little boy who's  likable and quite intelligent, though he can be quite judgmental. The book moves at a rapid speed and brings several of our players together, except two though, and during the ending we understand they soon might be reunited.

The last few pages of the story leave room for a new book when a psychopath is brought back to life for future reference.
I  enjoyed this book and look forward to the second one.