Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dark Days (Apocalypses Z) by Manel Loueiro

First of all, I was hoping that the main character would come to his senses and realize that a 17-year-old child isn't an appropriate companion for him, but no such luck. Are relationships of this type so normal  in Spain that it didn't seem to be a major problem to the author. Where I live, this would be frowned upon to a severe degree.

Second of all, why did Lucullus (his cat)have such a small role? I am not a cat person, but I was thrilled that his pet made it all the way through the first book, only to have such a small role in this one. In a way, I feel everyone had a small role, even though the book was entirely about the same four (or three with the nun out of the picture) characters. The main reason for this is the speed the story is told--should it have calmed down a little?

The book had areas of the Belguim's body part that I didn't want to read about. Gross! In fact, the entire part revealing the evil guard raping women and trying to kill Lucia at the hospital was overkill. 

The truth of the book is that people would still be fighting each other even when they should band together to fight the evil around them. It's a sad view on the human race, but an accurate one.
The end of the book leaves us with an interesting cliffhanger though I'm just not sure it's incentive enough to follow the story to the next phase.